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Case Studies:

Controllix Meets Outdoor Environmental Requirements
A coastal utility procured their first metal enclosed capacitor bank from Controllix Corporation. The customer was accustomed to using open rack style capacitor banks, but a fully welded metal enclosu...
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Existing Equipment Retrofit
A mid-west utility approached Controllix with a request to replace their existing outdoor metal enclosed 34.5kV, 1200A fixed breaker used for the daily switching of a remotely located Controllix 10.8M...
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Factory Energy Savings
A midwest foundry commissioned Controllix for multiple metal enclosed harmonic filter equipment. Each project involved a single stage harmonic Filter with 5th and 11th harmonic...
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Controllix’s Design Versatility Simplifies Multi Site Installation
A large midwestern utility sent an October quote request to Controllix requiring a total of 76 large (6000 and 9000kvar) metal enclosed capacitor banks at 13.8kv. There were 11 equipment designs to ac...
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Installation of 46kV Capacitor Bank:
  A major New England utility installs capacitor banks at various substations to provide voltage support during normal and contingency operating conditions. In certain conditions at the parti...
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Technical Data

/Technical Data

This page provides links to technical data, text, tables, case histories and schematics for the beginner and the experienced user of capacitor banks and harmonic filters for utility, industrial and commercial power systems. These links will assist in making purchasing decisions, how to work with capacitor products, and provide as much in depth technical knowledge as practical for those who require more than a passing knowledge of capacitors.

1402, 2016

Controlling System Voltage

  Without capacitors, the voltage drop across a system is calculated as: […]

1402, 2016

Power Factors for Typical Industrial Loads


1402, 2016

Seismic Certification of Capacitor Equipment

Controllix metal-enclosed capacitor banks are designed for withstanding the most violent of natural phenomena, including earthquakes and wind storms. Specifically, Controllix equipment is certified for Zone 4 seismic compliance. The results of studies (available upon [...]

1402, 2016

Air Core vs. Iron Core Reactors

Introduction At the medium voltage level, 2.4kV through 34.5kV, harmonic filters are often designed, specified, and manufactured with either Iron-core or Air-core reactors. The preference for one reactor over the other may be from experience, [...]

1402, 2016

Guide for Plant Engineers

Power Factor and Harmonics Power factor is defined as real power, the power that does work, divided by apparent power, the power that must be delivered in order to get the work done. Real power [...]

1402, 2016

Metal Enclosed vs. Rack-Mounted Capacitor Banks

  A Metal-Enclosed Bank comes fully assembled, tested, and ready for interconnection. No field assembly is required. Therefore installation costs and problems associated with mistakes during installation are very low. Maintenance costs for [...]

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