Summary: Controllix Corporation was commissioned by a Midwest foundry to provide multiple metal-enclosed harmonic filter equipment, tailored with 5th and 11th harmonic tuning frequencies. A high-pass resistor was also included in the 11th harmonic filter. The successful deployment of these custom filters led to a reduction in the foundry’s energy costs and effectively mitigated harmful harmonics generated by their operations.

Industry: Manufacturing/Heavy Industry
Category: Harmonic Filter Installation
Processes: Custom harmonic Tuning Frequencies, High-Pass Resistors Integration, Installation Streamlining

The Midwest foundry was grappling with energy inefficiency and the persistent issue of harmful harmonics generated by their heavy machinery. Not only were these harmonics compromising the performance and lifespan of their equipment, but they were also ballooning the facility’s energy costs. The foundry needed a tailored solution to tackle these dual challenges effectively.

Controllix designed and delivered metal-enclosed harmonic filters, each with a single-stage harmonic filter tuned to both 5th and 11th harmonic frequencies. To further enhance the performance of the 11th harmonic filter, a high-pass resistor was included. The harmonic filters were seamlessly integrated into the foundry’s existing systems, ensuring that the solutions were as effective as they were unobtrusive.

The implementation of Controllix’s harmonic filters had immediate and measurable impacts. The foundry experienced a notable reduction in their energy costs and effectively eliminated the harmful harmonics that had been affecting their equipment’s performance and reliability. These improvements have set the foundry on a course toward greater operational efficiency and cost savings.