Transients, faults, power surges and lightning strikes can affect electrical distribution systems at any time. Such events can damage electrical systems as well as various apparatus used in a manufacturing process. Controllix offers the SurgePack, protective equipment that provides protection for motors, rotating machines and transformers that provides assurance of continuous operation of the equipment, the electrical system and the manufacturing process.

The primary function of the SurgePack is to guard the winding insulation of the device being protected. Station class metal oxide lightning arresters act to limit the maximum voltage to the device to a predetermined magnitude. Specially designed surge capacitors, connected in parallel with the arresters, control the rate of rise of the resultant overvoltage. In conjunction, the combination of surge arresters and surge capacitors serve to limit the turn-to-turn insulation stress being impressed on the device being protected.


  • Above 4160V, a very high percentage of motors are so equipped.
  • At 4160V, this protection is used on approximately half of motors installed.
  • At 2300 volts motors are equipped with this protection on an as-needed basis


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