Low Voltage Products

Per ANSI standards, low voltage equipment is for use with nominal system voltages less than 1,000 volts. medium voltage equipment is for nominal voltages greater than 1,000 volts and less than 100,000 volts. High voltage equipment is applied to nominal system voltages greater than 100,000 volts.

Controllix has been manufacturing capacitor banks for over 40 years and our customer base includes most major utilities such as Xcel Energy, FirstEnergy, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Detroit Edison, ComEd, Orlando Utilities, PECO and PEPCO, and companies such as ABB, Dashiell, GE, Occidental Petroleum and Toyota.
Our track record of over 95% on-time delivery during the past five years ensures that the equipment will arrive on time ensuring smooth start ups. We can trace Controllix in-service capacitor banks to 1975! Do you know of an older Controllix bank in operation? Contact us. We would like to hear from you!
Only Controllix has the depth of experience and in-house resources to meet the specialized requirements of demanding power factor projects. We bring you thorough comprehension of the electrical equipment industry with unrivaled knowledge of power requirements in their intended end use with capacitor banks and harmonic filters. Our staff contributes over 70 years of combined electrical power industry experience to your unique applications.
Controllix has built a worldwide reputation for value and excellence by manufacturing outstanding products and turn-key systems.
We offer unparalleled knowledge of metal-enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filters in varying climates worldwide. Ask for details on Controllix installations in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, China, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Panama, Peru, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Egypt, Israel, Australia, Thailand, India, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Units can be crated for export shipment for delivery to remote destinations via air or surface freight.
Controllix is proud to be registered and certified by Avetta and ISN. Our team is committed to the highest standards of employee safety in our work process while exceeding customer expectations in quality through exceptional workmanship and significant energy saving results.

Project Resources & Controllix Advantages:

  • Integration consultation
  • Product design, manufacturing & installation
  • Ongoing customer care programs
  • Controllix provides Experience, Value, Dependability, and Quality Engineering
  • Lease/Rent – Controllix offers both short term rental and long term leasing

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