Controllix designs and builds mobile capacitors for medium and high-voltage systems. As one of the few manufacturers in the nation to offer this type of equipment, Controllix provides these transportable systems for site-to-site deployment for VAR support, emergency outage backup/temporary service such as sub-station construction. Since they help to reduce load burdens, mobile capacitors are able to offset other equipment investments.

Mobile capacitor banks can be an important part of utility operations, providing a viable option to extend sub-station operations, both for current and future needs.

Mobile capacitors, with circuit breaker or switcher, surge arresters, relay and control protection, are designed as an integrated assembly, and mounted on a 40- to 50-foot trailer. Each system is self-contained and meets applicable DOT, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE standards for safe and secure transport. These “drive and park” systems are designed for specific electric utility or energy company requirements.

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