Summary: A Midwest utility faced the need to replace an outdated 34.5kV, 1200A fixed breaker used daily for switching a remotely located 10.8MVAR capacitor bank. Controllix Corporation offered an innovative solution: a capacitor switch with a pre-insertion resistor to limit inrush current. The switch not only met the utility’s operational needs but also resulted in significant cost savings in both retrofit equipment and ongoing energy costs.

Industry: Utilities/Energy
Category: Switching Equipment Replacement
Processes: Pre-Insertion Resistors Customization, Capacitor Switch Retrofit, Installation Streamlining

A Midwest utility company was struggling with an outdated outdoor metal-enclosed 34.5kV, 1200A fixed breaker used in the daily operations of a remotely located 10.8MVAR capacitor bank. The challenge was twofold: finding a more reliable switching solution and doing so in a cost-effective manner.

Controllix proposed a strategic alternative—a capacitor switch featuring a pre-insertion resistor designed to limit the inrush current. This specialized switch was engineered to seamlessly integrate with the utility’s existing capacitor bank, ensuring a smooth transition from the old fixed breaker system.

The utility was pleased to discover that Controllix’s solution offered both immediate and long-term cost savings. The initial investment in retrofitting was significantly lower than other alternatives. Further, the more efficient capacitor switch also led to reduced energy costs. The utility is now enjoying a more reliable, energy-efficient operation, coupled with substantial financial savings.