Summary: Controllix Corporation faced a monumental task when a large Midwestern utility required 76 large metal-enclosed capacitor banks across 36 substations, all within a five-month timeframe. Customizing 11 different equipment designs to meet substation specifications, Controllix met the challenge head-on. Through meticulous coordination across multiple departments, the company not only met the tight deadline but also set the stage for an ongoing relationship with the utility.

Industry: Utilities/Energy
Category: Bulk Capacitor Bank Delivery and Installation
Processes: Coordinating Departments, Custom Design, Scaling Production, Inventory Management, Shipment Streamlining

The clock was ticking when a large Midwestern utility sent Controllix a quote request in October. They required a total of 76 large (6000 and 9000kvar) metal-enclosed capacitor banks operating at 13.8kv to be installed across 36 different substations by the end of the following April. Further complicating matters were the unique limitations of the various substations, requiring 11 distinct equipment designs. While most competitors expected the order to be split among multiple suppliers due to the time-sensitive nature and complexity of the request, Controllix accepted the challenge of fulfilling the entire order itself.

A coordinated effort across purchasing, engineering, design, inventory, production, and shipping departments was immediately set into motion. We commenced shipping equipment by February, maintaining an impressive pace of delivering seven complete units per week. Each unit was designed to meet the specific requirements of each substation, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. By April, all 76 custom-designed, metal-enclosed capacitor banks had been successfully delivered and installed, meeting the customer’s deadline.

Controllix successfully delivered 76 large metal-enclosed capacitor banks across 36 substations within the tight timeframe of five months. The ability to customize 11 distinct equipment designs allowed the utility to overcome various substation limitations. As a result of the successful project, Controllix continues to provide the utility with a number of large capacitor banks every year, cementing a long-term relationship.